No One Can Make You Unhappy.

The person that deserves you is the one that approaches you on their own, appreciates you and dedicates their time and thoughts to you. The most powerful tool for fighting emotional injustice and indifference is self-determination. This should be followed by a sense of healthy self-esteem self-knowledge and reflecting on feelings, desires and your own … Continue reading No One Can Make You Unhappy.

Let go..

I realised that the more we want to control, the less control and freedom we have. Mostly we are afraid that once we let go, we lose control. However, that isn’t true. Mostly we control because of fear. ▪ Sometimes we are afraid that our beliefs get threatened. ▪ Sometimes we act out of jealousy, insecurities … Continue reading Let go..

Complaining about misfortunes will lead you nowhere.

Successful people do not waste their time complaining about the difficulties they encounter. They are actively looking for ways to improve themselves in order to be able to overcome the issues. They understand that mistakes provide essential knowledge that helps them in the future, without which they might not even be able to succeed. A … Continue reading Complaining about misfortunes will lead you nowhere.