Complaining about misfortunes will lead you nowhere.

Successful people do not waste their time complaining about the difficulties they encounter. They are actively looking for ways to improve themselves in order to be able to overcome the issues.

They understand that mistakes provide essential knowledge that helps them in the future, without which they might not even be able to succeed.

A small change in your perspective can do all the difference. But with the mental attitude of “No one can stop me,” you free yourself from the dependency on others.

You have to decide whether you focus your attention on the problem, or possible ways to rise above it.

Complaining about misfortunes will lead you nowhere.

Have the courage to accept the way your circumstances are and then try your very best to make the best you can from it.

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115 thoughts on “Complaining about misfortunes will lead you nowhere.

  1. Prashantt says:

    Wonderful motivational writeup, indeed it is better to find out the ways that leads to success instead complaining about failures and failures are the opportunities that leads us to do better next time except we are ready to take it up.
    Have a great day ahead!😇💐

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  2. Fariha says:

    I accept, at times I’m guilty of this one- complaining. I try to keep myself compose…sometimes I’m successful, trying to practise this(work-in-progress).

    Such A wonderful reminder….

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  3. zeesviews says:

    We cannot change our circumstances by complaining so its better to accept them and try to find solutions for our problems..well written my friend🤗🤗👍🏻

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  4. weedjee says:

    Wow Mahee, an article of experiences and reality and you can be thinking cruel real world oh no lesson to future chapters… don’t think twice it’s alright 👍👍👍🙈🙈🙈

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  5. righteousbruin9 says:

    I have faced misfortunes, and learned very quickly that complaining was not an option. There is only facing the lion, so to speak, recovery and repayment of those who helped us get through the storm. This is true of everything from natural disasters to bankruptcy.

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