You Are Strong.

Sometime we need someone to speak to, who understand exactly what we are going through… feel the pain we are feeling …

And no matter wat, always stand besides you … everyone needs such person in their life … but u know what … they don’t exist …

At first, people listen to you and help you in getting out of your problem

But one day or another the person you are sharing your problems with, start ignoring you.

You know what….

You are the one for yourself ☺️

Only you understands yourself better, Only you know what you are going through, Only you know the pain you are feeling.

Imagine the problem as your bestfriend’s problem … wat you will suggest to him ?…. give that suggestion to yourself … and you get your solution …

Be Strong enough to face and solve your problems by yourself..

Don’t depend on anyone 🤗

Be your own Bestfriend ❤️

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62 thoughts on “You Are Strong.

  1. Hussein Allam says:

    It is complicated theory here, it depends on the person how he act to solve the problem, if we rely on others, we won’t be able to solve any problem in life, simply we always rely on others to sort our problems out, it then turned to habit, if it becomes a habit, it is not easy to take it off. Whereas other people may count as weakness by the person himself. I dont know to explain it much better but hope you got it. 👍😉

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  2. Pearl says:

    This is such a great advice as always. But in my life, there is always one person to be there for me. That person never left my side; good or bad situation. Maybe if you can also find that kind of person, then you won’t be needing to face everything alone and that doesn’t mean you’re weak. Just like superheroes, they don’t fight battles alone. They always have someone to be there with them. ☺️

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  3. anuskhalovestruck15 says:

    Yes you are right we need to solve our own problem and should not rely on others to solve it for us. But yes at the same time I think we all want atleast one person in our life who will patiently listen to us without any complain. May be he or she can’t solve our problem but their presence makes our worst situations much better than it is.

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  4. Thought for change says:

    Well what you said could be true but there are still some people in our lives who’ll want to help us with all their heart. Like out moms and dads. I think they’re out true best friends and they don’t mind helping or listening to our problems and stuff. One other person we can always rely on is God. He’s always there for us even if we need him or not. He loves each of us as if there’s only one of us. So just have faith and think positive. We’re never alone.😊

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