Believe Yourself.

If someone’s belief’s and confidence are strong enough, they can achieve anything .

Most of the time we blame others for not trusting in us or not supporting us.

I believe that rather than expecting the acceptance from others, we must accept ourself first.

“ If we don’t believe in ourself why anybody else going to believe in us ? “

If you demoralise yourself then everybody around you will do same. Don’t blame others to draw you back, you have to take it on yourself…

There are times when people disappoint you and let you down. That’s when you have to tell yourself that things will get better.

There will be challenges to face and changes to make in your life, and it is up to you to accept them.

So when the days come that are filled with frustration and unexpected responsibilities, remember to believe yourself.

Because the challenges and changes will only help us to find the goals that are meant to come true for us.

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112 thoughts on “Believe Yourself.

  1. Jokerswild says:

    Change nothing, nothing change! We have to be the change we want to see, refuse to lose. I love your motivation ❤️❤️❤️. You speak knowledgeable truth, you’re so right about everything you said.👍🏽. Believe that!!!

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  2. JayMentor says:

    my humble take: “ If we don’t believe in ourself why anybody else going to believe in us ? “ . False pretense always hurts. An unknown Shayar said’ jo log Jaan boojh kar nadaan ban Gaye , mera khayal hai ki woh shaitan ban Gaye. ‘ . Such mentees repel me. Thanks for a great thought provoking post . Regards Jay

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