Overthinking is the biggest cause of your unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Once you start overthink, you can’t stop. It keep your mind off things that don’t help you. It lead to false hope and bad mood. It makes you feel hopeless and worthless.

Worry is total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you busy doing nothing.

It makes you feels like you will never be good enough. It makes you feels like you are going to lose someone who means so much to you. It stops you from doing what you want to do because you are scared of the outcome you don’t want to risk it. It prevents you from saying things you’ve always wanted to say, because of these scenarios.

When you overthink, your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. You spend too much time in the negative. It can become difficult to act.

It can stop you from enjoying social events, disturb your sleep, undermine your job performance and even ruin your vacations. Typically, it also comes with all the physical discomforts of anxiety. This means that overthinking leaves you not only mentally distressed but also exhausted. If this picture sounds familiar, you’re probably desperate to work out how to stop overthinking your life and start living.
Sometimes it’s helpful to have a way to distract yourself with happy, positive, healthy alternatives. Things like mediation, dancing, exercise, learning an instrument, knitting, drawing, and painting can distance you from the issues enough to shut down the overanalysis.

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204 thoughts on “Overthinking.

  1. Shaun Jones says:

    I am such an overthinker. It’s a big problem. When I overthink, it’s all negative. I think of the worst possible things even if I know they will never happen. My boyfriend is always telling me to get out of my own head for a minute. It’s hard. I like how you said you should distract yourself with positive and healthy alternatives. I think I need to do more of that. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Barbara Grace Lake says:

    You are very wise for someone of your relatively young age. Take it from an elder who knows the cost of overthinking. Worry never ever solved a problem. I’ve found in life one must either act, if it is in one’s power to do so, or leave it be.

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  3. Jokerswild says:

    Worry can be stressful, planning ahead is a form of overthinking but that can be positive if done correctly but for the most part you’re so right lovely, overthinking slows you down in life and knocks you back. It will stop you from doing certain things, that’s why sometimes it’s better to play this card 🃏, and be spontaneous. Live life.😁. Love your beautiful advice, your post are awesome! 🌹❤️

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  4. Claudette says:

    Bah! I overthink so many things, it’s not even funny! I think that’s one reason I turn to blogging…I write and re-write blog posts many times over before I hit publish, just to cut back on the overthinking part of it. 🙂

    Nice post!

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  5. Pearl says:

    I am like this most of the time because I know I’m not good enough for the things I have right now. But it can somehow help me improve myself at times. 😊

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  6. Francesca says:

    Good timing! I’m literally writing a blog post write now about my overthinking and how it’s affecting me, in a way. I agree that keeping yourself busy is key to a happier lifestyle, but I do love wandering thoughts too, even if they make me insane at times, haha. Great post.

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  7. Saania2806 says:

    Hey! I really really like your blog
    This is so true. overthinking can hold us from positive thinking and result in a total waste of time…as they say, overthinking is the art of creating problems when mostly, they aren’t even there.

    Keep writing!

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  8. Chris Hall says:

    Worrying is so wasteful or time and energy. I find it saps by creativity. ‘Think beautiful, happy thoughts,’ I say to my self. Sometimes it works.

    ‘Fear is the mind-killer,’ by Frank Herbert in Dune. I find that helpful too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  9. johnbarleycorn12 says:

    One key point here, is to not trouble ourselves with things we have no control over. The trick is to recognize those things, and move on. It is a waste of mental energy to worry about things we have no control over.

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  10. TheODDbl0g says:

    This is such an inspiring blog. I could say I am in love with it! Keep up the good work and I would appreciate if you checked my blog I’ve only started a week ago but I am going to write one soon. ~Em

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