We all are players….

Life is a game … and it has its levels … these levels are the problems we face in our life. As soon as one level is over the next level starts..

And we all are players….

Life is full of surprises and suspense. You never know where you will be in a second. Don’t wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated.

It is made up of infinite amount of choices.

At regular intervals of our life, we have to take decisions that can change our life forever and they are tough to make. You either get what you want, or you get to learn life lesson.

Don’t think about things you can’t change ( what has happened and other people’s thoughts). And focus on the things you can action on. That’s the most constructive thing you can do.

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100 thoughts on “We all are players….

  1. Positively Alyssa says:

    I absolutely LOVED this post! It is so incredibly true! I have always said we are just playing a part in life that does get difference options at times, but there is no rewind or pause button in our game of life. Thank you for sharing this very inspiring post!!!!

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  2. La Gacha Manzana Equis says:

    A writer is the one who loves the word. A writer is the one, who goes to bed with a story and gets up with his fingers, beating him for telling it. A writer is the one who delights by the word, the one who tastes it like the good wine, the one who knows its value. The one that modulates the idea, little by little, to create a world in which his thoughts will inhabit. A writer is the one who laughs and cries with his own letters, the one who caresses them with the mind, the one who carries them in the spirit. A writer, in short, is passionate about creation.

    So my congratulations are not for the sacred cows, the consecrated ones, those who carry their book under their arms, those who let loose educated and very learned phrases in each conversation. My congratulations go to the one who dreams and delights for the words, for all those who wake up, delirious because of the need to write.
    Your friend, Samuel Parra, greets you. P.S. I invite you to read my most recent publication: The Most Brave Fighter, I leave the link.


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  3. Prashantt says:

    Life is more exciting with these levels & we gain lot of experience intendem with learnings…
    Beautifully written inspiring post📝✌
    Have a great week ahead Mahee!💐😇

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  4. DutchIl says:

    Well written… life is an adventure full of challenges and choices.. 🙂

    “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
    ― William Jennings Bryan

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  5. aguycalledbloke says:

    Short, simple and yet, beautifully direct 🙂

    I have learned as l have got older to now simply take life as it comes, whatever is thrown at me there’s a reason somewhere, some may think higher authority, others may think karma or destiny, it matters not – what does matter is to deal with each and every episode when it hits and then cross that bridge. once more an excellent post.

    By the way, l have tagged you for today’s 321 there is no deadline, so when is convenient to you to play is fine, keep well 🙂


    Topic today is Skin Deep


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  6. Sifar says:

    “dont wait for things to get better!” … great observation! isnt that what most of us (including me! 🙈) keep doing instead of doing something about it!! Loving your blog!!

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